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Website Development

FDS Masterclass

At FDS Masterclass, they are more than just a product photography masterclass; they're a trusted platform dedicated to empowering visual artists across the globe.


Manish Soni


Rajouri Garden, Delhi


Product Photography


Complete Marketing


They faced challenges in effectively showcasing their product photography masterclass and engaging with their target audience on social media.

FDS Masterclass faced the challenge of establishing a robust online presence to reach and engage with their target audience effectively.

They struggled to effectively showcase the value and benefits of their product photography masterclass to potential participants, hindering their ability to attract new enrollees.

Despite having a presence on social media platforms, FDS Masterclass encountered difficulties in engaging with their target audience in a meaningful way, resulting in limited traction and interaction.

Course Website Development

Developed a comprehensive social media content strategy to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Social Media Content Strategy

Built a subscription-based course website for the Product Photography Course.

Complete Marketing Strategy

Crafted a holistic marketing strategy encompassing content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing, and WhatsApp marketing.

Witnessed a significant surge in online visibility, enabling broader reach and recognition among potential participants worldwide.

Achieved a notable uptick in enrollment numbers as a result of improved showcasing and effective communication of the masterclass's value proposition.

Observed heightened levels of engagement on social media platforms, fostering stronger connections with the audience and generating increased interest in their offerings.


Overall, the combined impact of these outcomes propelled FDS Masterclass towards greater success, solidifying their position as a trusted platform dedicated to empowering visual artists worldwide.