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Lead Generation

Divya Films

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Dwarka, Delhi


Pre Wedding Photography


Lead Generation and Website Development


DivyaFilms, a leading provider of pre-wedding photography services, faced the challenge of limited online visibility and reach due to the absence of a comprehensive website. This hindered their ability to showcase their portfolio and attract potential clients in a highly competitive market.

DivyaFilms, a leading provider of pre-wedding photography services, lacked a comprehensive online platform to showcase their portfolio and attract potential clients, limiting their visibility and reach in the competitive wedding photography market.

With stiff competition from established players in the industry, DivyaFilms needed a robust digital marketing strategy to increase their online visibility, attract qualified leads, and convert them into paying clients.

Our Approach

To address this challenge, we embarked on a multifaceted approach, starting with the development of a custom website that would serve as a showcase for DivyaFilms' portfolio and services. Additionally, we launched targeted Google Ads campaigns and implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy to increase their online visibility and attract qualified leads.

Custom Website Development

We designed and developed a bespoke website for DivyaFilms, focusing on creating a visually engaging platform that showcased their portfolio, services, and unique approach to pre-wedding photography, while providing visitors with a seamless browsing experience.

Targeted Google Ads Campaigns

Leveraging the power of Google Ads, we launched targeted advertising campaigns to promote DivyaFilms' pre-wedding photography services to potential clients actively searching for wedding photographers in their area, ensuring maximum visibility and lead generation.

Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Our team implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve DivyaFilms' organic search rankings and visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), optimizing website content, meta tags, and technical elements to drive organic traffic and increase online discoverability.

The new DivyaFilms website featured a modern and visually captivating design that showcased their portfolio of pre-wedding shoots, highlighting their unique storytelling approach and creative vision, while providing visitors with intuitive navigation and seamless access to essential information.


Our Google Ads campaigns targeted relevant keywords and geographic locations to reach engaged couples actively searching for pre-wedding photography services, driving high-quality traffic to the DivyaFilms website and generating qualified leads for their business.


Through strategic keyword research, on-page optimization, and technical SEO enhancements, we improved DivyaFilms' search engine rankings and visibility, ensuring their website appeared prominently in organic search results for relevant queries, further increasing their online exposure and lead generation potential.


The solution involved designing and developing a visually stunning website that showcased DivyaFilms' portfolio and services while providing visitors with an intuitive browsing experience. Simultaneously, our targeted Google Ads campaigns and SEO efforts aimed to increase their online presence and drive traffic to the website, ultimately generating more inquiries and bookings.


The result of our efforts was a significant improvement in DivyaFilms' online visibility, with their website ranking higher in search engine results and attracting a steady stream of qualified leads. This led to increased inquiries and bookings, ultimately driving revenue growth and positioning DivyaFilms as a prominent player in the pre-wedding photography industry.

The new DivyaFilms website and targeted Google Ads campaigns significantly increased their online visibility, with a marked improvement in search engine rankings and website traffic, allowing them to reach a broader audience of potential clients searching for pre-wedding photography services.

The combination of a visually stunning website design and targeted advertising campaigns resulted in a substantial increase in qualified leads for DivyaFilms, with a steady influx of inquiries and bookings from couples interested in their pre-wedding photography services.


With a streamlined user experience and optimized website content, DivyaFilms saw improved conversion rates and a higher rate of inquiries translating into bookings, leading to increased revenue and business growth.