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Ambarella talks about home security trends

These can distinguish themselves from previous generations of video doorbells thanks to their intelligent analytics functionality. With the embedded Ambarella solution, the doorbells perform intelligent computing to detect people and differentiate them from un-interesting motion, such as movements in the grass, or a car or dog passing by. We have been shipping 4K into the professional IP camera market for about two years now and recently announced our S3L and S3Lm 4K solutions for home monitoring. At this year’s CES, we demonstrated one of our customer’s VR solutions as well as computer vision technology for automotive ADAS as used in self-driving cars.What are the major IC design trends for IP cameras and home monitoring applications? In addition to cameras and doorbells, customers can easily use the base HomeKit stack provided by Ambarella to add customized services such as motion sensors, lights, and smart locks.

With these new cameras will also come new support for HomeKit devices and Siri across Apple’s various operating systems for Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch. We don’t have full details on the new hardware or any future new apps, but here’s what the new camera landscape might look like in an Apple-based smart home before the end of 2016. Five years down the road, this year’s growth will look a hiccup in an otherwise up-and-up chart. The company is gearing up for significant earnings and revenue growth next year, and we see that growth persisting over the next several years thanks to growing demand broadly for HD video surveillance. The stock is trading right around a 12x ex-cash P/E multiple (non-GAAP), and this is an attractive multiple to us considering analysts are projecting 19% sales growth and 23% earnings growth next year. Over the next 5 years, analysts see earnings growing at a 15% CAGR, and we think this is actually conservative.

“We have worked closely with Apple and our customers to bring the first HomeKit IP camera and Video Doorbell products to market, and are excited by the ease of use enabled by the new HomeKit services”. For iOS, Apple is adding a quick swipe feature that will not only show you a video feed, but it will also let you interact with your doorway depending on how connected it is, with no added interface layers. With an August Doorbell Cam paired with the company’s Smart Lock, for example, you’ll be able to use the two-way audio feature to talk with whomever might be at your door, and even unlock the door, right from the quick access screen.

If not, it will shut down immediately and go in to sleep mode again, thus saving even more power. To differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we offer state-of-the-art technologies with a focus on video quality instead of just price competition. We have introduced industry leading solutions for drones, IP-cameras and sports cameras, including pioneering 4K Ultra HD solutions. William Xu, Product Marketing Manager at Ambarella explained in an interview with SMAhome how Ambarella’s design enables home security cameras to become smarter. We see the video doorbell camera emerging as a new category with features like 180-degree wide-angle viewing and image de-warping. You won’t find concrete release dates for the new cameras or the new Home app yet, so the when of all of this will arrive is up in the air.

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Our S3L-based cameras for battery-powered designs are asleep most of the time, and will only wake up when triggered on motion. When the image sensor detects something, the CPU quickly boots and starts to analyze what’s happening. If something important is happening, the camera will turn on in less than 500ms, and, for instance, send a clip of the video to a users’ smartphone. The key advantage is that the camera can determine if the motion was relevant and if not, go back to sleep right away. This way, battery is significantly extended compared to other solutions that do not have the ability to run analytics locally on the SoC.

But even in these weak sectors, recovery is at hand and this will lead to a strong second half. Hence almost flat revenue for the year, as the first half is down significantly mostly because of GoPro. After the GoPro troubles we now have the Sony camera sensor troubles , and this is affecting 40%-45% of revenue, but to what extent is difficult to say. But then financial markets have their own way of timing issues and these don’t necessary correspond with the rationalizations of any one commenter, least of all us perhaps. As previously announced, Ohio Merger Sub, Inc. merged with and into Oculli while all outstanding capital stock of Oculli was canceled and converted into the right to receive cash. Choose a size and copy the code below to embed this guide as a small widget on your site / forum.

  • Video camera users typically demand fast and accurate object detection that enable both human and automatic response by motion control systems or alarms.
  • He talked about the Company’s latest IC technology and gave his observations on the home security camera market as well as the smart home industry.
  • Five years down the road, this year’s growth will look a hiccup in an otherwise up-and-up chart.
  • The software development kits also allow manufacturers to reuse previously developed software.
  • Of particular interest to us, the company commented on strong revenue growth from new home monitoring applications, including the launch of an AMBA-supplied August doorbell camera in May.

In addition, this ensures maximum pixels input into fine-grain classifiers that can output object features such as a specific vehicle model or friend or foe detection. It is common to utilize neural accelerators, GPUs, DSPs, and CPUs for portions of the workload. When making a hardware selection it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each one, and to budget resources accordingly. The ability to run multiple software routines simultaneously is critical to automatic target recognition software. If there is not adequate processing power, the software must fit the various routines into the time slice available which results in dropped frames.

It can be used to interactively explore and identify areas where the model performs poorly, enabling the data scientist to investigate the specific training dataset images that cause the missed detections. Developers can quickly modify or augment the training data, retrain, retest, and iterate until the model converges on the performance required. Figure 2 includes an example atfx broker review output illustrating how the model performs at each point in the video sequence. Bounding box area from ground truth, object matches, object misses, and false positives are plotted side-by-side to help pinpoint any areas of concern. At the end of a training process, the model typically needs to be converted to run on the target vision processor’s specific execution fabric.

For example, at the ISC West security show in April 2015, we demonstrated a camera for retail shops that could count people and provide feedback to the retailers about where people spent their time. In the future, we expect that sensing cameras will support a number of home applications and those typically require very low power, analytics and good imaging in challenging lighting conditions. The Ambarella S2Lm IP camera SoC includes excellent 1080p video quality with HDR processing for high contrast scenes and lens distortion correction for a more natural viewing experience when using wide angle lenses.

And the rest of the world will not wait either, prices are falling with the cheap Xiaomi Mi drone with 4K camera which will sell for just $450, breaking a price barrier. Both versions (there is an even cheaper HD version for $380) come with an Ambarella SoC inside for the video processing. The company expressed a lot of confidence in this market as they have a wide range of solutions for the whole spectrum (lo dynamic stop loss to high-end). Revenues were down in Q1 and are projected to be flat to down MSD for the full-year, but this is a byproduct of two near-term headwinds that will turn into tailwinds next year and shoot revenues back up to a $350 to $400 million annual level. The wearable sports camera market, which was down significantly in Q1, will weigh on 1H17 results, but will likely rebound in 2H17 thanks to the Hero 5.

Its flying cameras revenue, noting that volumes in the drone market are increasing as strong price points fall. The company announced some key wins in this market during the quarter, and it does appear that AMBA is setting up as the trusted and superior quality SoC supplier in the drone market . The flying cameras market is still in its early growth stages, and we expect both product availability and demand to boom over the next 12 months . Current models offer pixel inputs as large as 1024 x 768, which reduce the need to decimate an image to fit into a model when running inference on mega pixel cameras. This can translate directly to long range object detection performance by maximizing the number of pixels on target.


In addition to hardware, Ambarella supports a number of third-party software vendors that focus on both Cloud storage and analytics. For example, our SoC reference design for the video doorbell camera bill williams alligator works with Acer’s Cloud platform with integrated face recognition. This design provides higher security and convenience; registered persons are permitted entry without using a key or smartphone.

Ambarella’s S3Lm Elektra-S is a smart, wire-free reference design for battery powered IP cameras. The Elektra-S provides crisp 1080p video at very low bitrates producing excellent low light video quality with low power consumption. The reference design’s smart Quick-Motion-Detect algorithm filters out false positives in order to achieve optimal battery life.

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The fruits will keep up to one week when stored at room temperature and 2-4 weeks when stored in the refrigerator. Ambarella, botanically classified as Spondias dulcis, are clustered fruits that grow on tropical trees reaching up to twenty meters in height and belongs to the Anacardiaceae family. Known by many names including the Hog Apple, Kedondong, Umbra, Buah Long Long, and June Plum, Ambarella trees are found in tropical forests across the world and are used for their timber and fruits. The fruits fall to the ground while still unripe, and this green state is the most popular version of the fruits to be gathered and consumed. When young, the fruits are favored for their mild flesh and are utilized as a neutral vessel to add salts, seasonings, and sugar. In local markets in Asia, green Ambarella fruits are the most commonly sold versions, while the yellow, more mature versions are also sold but on a much smaller scale.

The video chipset from Ambarella will introduce standardized specs across the new camera products. Those specs include the ability to display 1080p video at 30 frames per second over WiFi, as well as finance-grade 256-bit encryption between the camera and your phone. Apple will add support for connected cameras when its new Home app launches with iOS 10 later this year. I think they still either focus on the high end drone products like control portion, not a video portion or for a low end drone, they try to do a total solution. But, in our current latest roadmap to our customer that we show A12 and A9ES and H2 could cover on low end to mid end, to high end, we have a complete roadmap to grow against our competitors. So, in quick summary, in the last three months, we don’t see the composition landscape changed.

It’s balancing sleep mode with responsiveness that’s the trick, and the report is that Apple is still working on getting that right in its new spec. In the real world, objects are viewed in near infinite combinations of distance, perspective, background environments, and weather conditions. The accuracy of machine learning models is largely dependent on how well training data represents field conditions. Teledyne FLIR developed a tool that analyzes a dataset’s imagery and quantifies the data distribution based on object label (% of images of person, car, bicycle, etc.), object size, contrast, sharpness, and brightness.

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Deep learning has developed rapidly over the past ten years with the introduction of open-source neural networks and the availability of large, annotated datasets both made possible by the efforts of academics and large technology platforms. Developers make many decisions when designing cameras with onboard intelligence at the edge. Until recently this choice was basically limited to NVIDIA, due to their superior graphic processing technology which was leveraged for the highly parallel computational demands of neural networks. In addition, most of the open-source intellectual property for network training and runtime deployment was developed on and for the NVIDIA ecosystem.

The expectation is that the camera manufacturers will bring their products to market as soon as they can once the new HomeKit camera specification comes live. You don’t technically need to wait for the iOS to get your hands on a HomeKit compatible video device. The newest video doorbells from August and Ring have both been certified by Apple to work with HomeKit, and both have incorporated new circuitry from the manufacturer Ambarella that has Apple’s HomeKit camera profile baked in.

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The second decision a developer must make is to select the neural network architecture. In the context of computer vision, a neural network is typically defined by its input resolution, operation types, and configuration/number of layers. These factors all translate to the number of trainable parameters which have a high influence on the computational demand. Computational demands translate directly to power consumption and the thermal loads that must be accounted for during the design of products.

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Its mobile application enables users to remotely view live video footage and mange cameras. As integrators demand AI at the edge in industrial, automotive, defense, marine, security, and other markets, it is important to recognize the engineering effort required to move a proof-of-concept demonstration of AI at the edge to production. Developing training datasets, addressing performance gaps, updating training data and models, and integrating new processors requires a team with diverse skills.

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